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10:54:58Xerxes The Dark - Intangible CluesCurrent Song
10:54:32Lamentation - Intro
10:48:38Witchsteel - Below The Blackened Mines Befallen
10:47:42Lind Erebros - Trailer
10:46:14Alviss - Ubermensch
10:42:22TARTAVARA - Adradzhenne Byloy Velchy
10:31:58Voronmrak - Otzvuki Davney Zimy
10:23:58Ancient Voice - The Endless Depths of Consciousness
10:17:25Tertium Organum - NGC 262
10:08:55Criptadel - Trolls Atelier
10:03:41Medenera - Il ritorno
10:01:14Nahadoth - Mutable Sorrows
10:00:10Lind Erebros - Forest Of Death
09:56:20DOOM CATACOMB - A shadowy love (a dim contentment)
09:51:35Barak Tor - Linortis Reprise
09:49:44Wanderer of Worlds - At The Howling Owl (tavern)
09:45:09Voronmrak - Eho Zabytyh Trop
09:42:09Nameless King - Drops of Estus
09:38:15Criecziel - Morning Mist
09:33:18Forest Of Yore - Riverhold