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Played @Song Title
11:01:15Beastmilk - Children of the Atom BombCurrent Song
10:58:21Elysian - A Nail Under the Grain
10:56:00Vince Ripper And The Rodent Show - Flying Saucers Rock and Roll
10:54:04Flesh Eaters - Impossible Crime
10:50:16The Last Days of Jesus - In God We Trust
10:47:05Bloody Dead And Sexy - Cheeks
10:44:28Katzenjammer Kabarett - Lies Suck Not
10:40:21Black Totem - Backyard Corpse Blues
10:36:48The Gun Club - B-Side Jammin'
10:34:12Violet Stigmata - The Sea
10:31:57The Gun Club - Black Hole
10:28:34Deth Crux - Persephone Is Half Human
10:24:06Lifeless Past - Last Stop
10:21:36Heart Of Snow - Too Late
10:13:46The Gun Club - Go Tell The Mountain
10:09:46Judith - Of A Heaven (What Remains)
10:06:53Alien Sex Fiend - Bun-Ho! (Time After Time)
10:04:09Alien Sex Fiend - 30 Second Coma
09:58:38Kommunity FK - Let The Right One In
09:53:50Screams For Tina - In Her House