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Played @Song Title
10:39:04Katatonia - At LastCurrent Song
10:35:28Dying Passion - Ashes to Ashes
10:30:27Aeonian Sorrow - Memory Of Love
10:26:14Stormcast - In Entropy
10:17:40Fungoid Stream - The Howler
10:14:05Lacrimas Profundere - Supreme Surrender
10:07:17Nonexistence - Hope Dies First
09:56:11Lachrima Corphus Dissolvens - The Truth Is Out There
09:53:34Uswa - Disorientation
09:49:23Uswa - Disorientation
09:41:53ThanatoSchizO - Dance Of The Tender Leaves
08:49:54Monolithe - Monolithe I
08:42:56Echoes of Yul - The Mission (The Message iconAclass Remix)
08:37:01Solautumn - Il Vortice Del Silenzio
08:27:52Dreams After Death - Peace
08:22:42Amorphis - Dark Path
08:18:28Katatonia - Strained
08:00:30Shattered Hope (Grc) - Here's to Death
07:53:07Earthshine - Call Of Another Universe
07:47:12Dammerfarben - Und Winters Kalte Kehret Ein