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PLAYBACK HISTORY (last 20 tracks played)
Played @Song Title
23:25:00Really Slow Motion - Th3 Awak3n1ngCurrent Song
23:22:41West One Music - Fading Memories
23:20:20Intervox - Keep Da Funk
23:18:11Sebastian Komor - Powered By The Sun
23:16:55switch. Music - Storm Is Coming
23:15:25Two Steps From Hell - Demon Rider
23:13:45Sonic Symphony - Vampire Slayer (Drums)
23:10:21West One Music - Spontaneous
23:08:26The Hit House - Arsenic (No Choir)
23:06:56X-Ray Dog - Dog Step Drops (Orchestra Only Mix)
23:04:45Aleksandar Dimitrijevic - Heroes
23:02:28Brand X Music - Zero Hour (No Rhythm)
22:59:07Gothic Storm - Gasoline Giant
22:56:10Immediate Music - Holy (No Choir)
22:54:12West One Music - Panoramic Valley
22:52:53Two Steps From Hell - To The Tower
22:51:34Jack Trammell - Skies of Fire
22:49:54X- Ray Dog - Outta Control (build@1:09)
22:48:00West One Music - Dark Zone (a)
22:46:24Pitch Hammer Music - Future Malefactor