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00:26:05Limp Bizkit - Counterfeit (Remix 2)Current Song
00:22:02Stuck Mojo - Revolution
00:18:00Bionic Jive - Soldier (Rock Remix)
00:14:44Superheist - Will The Change
00:11:35Sickret - Pomme de Terre
00:06:18Hot Action Cop - Why Judy
00:02:26Stuck Mojo - Monster (live)
23:59:06E.Town Concrete - Nothanx
23:56:10Steriogram - Go
23:52:26Stained Red - Something fishy
23:47:47Dog Eat Dog - ...In The Dog House
23:43:00Richy Nix - You Are The One (Twilight)
23:41:30Dirty Wormz - Pimp C (Wormed Out)
23:39:02Cold World - Omega
23:35:43Powerflo - The Grind
23:32:23Pillar - Everything (Live @ Blue Cats)
23:28:15Charlie Brown Jr - Onde Nao Existe A Paz Nao Existe O Amor
23:24:58P.O.D. - Boom (The Crystal Method Remix)
23:20:36Links 2-3-4 (Clawfinger geradeaus remix) (Rammstein & Clawfinger)
23:17:12P.O.D. - Rock The Party (Off The Hook)