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18:32:05Keep Of Kalessin - AscendantCurrent Song
18:27:21Arkheth - The Conception And Creation
18:22:22Dornenreich - Grell Und Dunkel Stromt Das Leben
18:17:58The Belonging - Blood For The Gods
18:10:09Artefact - Medieval Ancestry
18:00:26Thy Serpent - A Traveller Of Unknown Plains
17:53:54Smouldering In Forgotten - Spiritus Nes Sancti
17:49:09Dornenreich - Unruhe
17:44:40Dusk & Darkness - Liar
17:40:16Apokrypha - Last Message
17:35:51And Oceans - Baby Blue Doll (Merry Go Mind)
17:31:52Funerarium - Ode A La Rose-Croix
17:25:22Lilith - Full Moon Pleasure
17:18:11The Skaden - Pain And Sexual Overdose Delusion
17:13:59Blinded By Faith - Finger On The Trigger
17:08:56Graveworm - Awake... Thy Angels Of Sorrow
17:00:21Dark Fortress - Tales From Eternal Dusk
16:58:08Winterhorde - And Flames Wept To Heaven
16:53:50Susperia - Mind Apart
16:49:01Blinded By Faith - A Slumber In Cobwebs