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Played @Song Title
10:42:27Fall Of Efrafa - The BurialCurrent Song
10:37:39Martiria - Revolution
10:34:58Sacred Blood - Heart Of The Ocean (Nearchus Advancing)
10:29:59Ivory Moon - In The Deep Forest
10:24:46Wizard - You're The King
10:19:36Soul Of Enoch - Samarithan (Candlemass cover)
10:12:26Pylon - Ho Theos Erchestai
10:09:32Wolfchant - Devouring Flames
10:06:08Walpurgisnacht - Fall Der Visionen
09:59:56Sig:Ar:Tyr - Last Ship Sails
09:55:23Dragonland - The Old House On The Hill Chapter I - A Death In The Family
09:51:04Nachtblut - Kalt Wie Grab
09:43:44Battleroar - Immortal Chariot
09:38:31Crown Of Autumn - Symphonic Storm (Demo 1996) (Bonus Track)
09:33:37Isengard - Caught By Fire
09:30:27Subway To Sally - Verloren
09:24:26Reflection - Bleed Babylon Bleed
09:19:42Skelator - Temple of the Witch
09:12:53Isole - Come to Me
09:06:03Raven Black Night - Black Queen