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Played @Song Title
11:06:28Trivium - Blinding Tears Will Break The Skies (Demo)Current Song
11:04:41Caliban - Exit
11:00:55Caliban - Life Is Too Short
10:56:47City In The Sea - Discovering Oceans
10:52:29Seasons After - Falling
10:49:15It Dies Today - The Caitiff Choir : Revelations
10:45:13Bury Tomorrow - Hail the Lost (Bonus Track)
10:41:47Tread - All I've Become
10:36:45Trivium - Requiem (Caeruleus)
10:32:59August Burns Red - White Washed
10:29:11Phinehas - Tetelestai
10:24:59Sevenfield - From Ashes I Bloom
10:24:05Bury Tomorrow - Interlude
10:19:54It Dies Today - Bridges Left Burning
10:15:05Caliban - In The Eye Of The Storm
10:11:15A Breach of Silence - Hannibal
10:08:00The Autumn Offering - Silence And Goodbye
10:04:38Ember Falls - Open Your Eyes
10:02:38Wage War - Spineless
09:58:25August Burns Red - Jingle Bells