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Channel: DEATH 'N' ROLL
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Played @Song Title
11:06:21Korpse - The Smell Of Broken GlassCurrent Song
11:02:08Lubricant - Telesyphilis Of Exfetation
10:59:44Postmortem - Dreamland
10:54:55Balgeroth - Fr Den Imperator
10:51:30Debauchery - Heavy Duty [Judas Priest cover]
10:47:41Chrome Division - Bulldogs Unleashed
10:42:32Gorefest - From Ignorance To Oblivion
10:39:27Nihilist - Carnal Leftovers
10:38:20Crack Up - Fuckrock
10:34:59Fervent Hate - Fear Of Mind (demo 2012)
10:32:04Six Feet Under - Resurrection Of The Rotten
10:29:15Six Feet Under - Manipulation
10:26:30Lubricant - Pernasalis Clonus... Death
10:21:52Immer - Girls Dances Rock
10:17:36Lubricant - Inflammatorius Pulmonectomia
10:12:44Dominus - Bring Down The Roars
10:07:57Debauchery - The Fifth Battle
10:07:48Mucupurulent - Outro
10:02:43Debauchery - Slaves To Darkness
10:00:14Mucupurulent - Cumshot Messiah