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Played @Song Title
04:24:40The Death Of Anna Karina - CastrationCurrent Song
04:21:01A Hero Will Stand - Lost In Desert
04:15:55Into the Moat - Beyond Treachery
04:14:56Meek is Murder - Private William Hudson (Dead Meat)
04:06:40Starkweather - Hushabye: Goodnight
04:00:44The Dali Thundering Concept - Words Are Wind
03:59:35Republic of Dreams - Dance Tonight, Revolution Every Day
03:56:01The Dillinger Escape Plan - Sugar Coated Sour (Live)
03:52:56Test Switch Isolator - Jazzy Jeff Owes Me Fourty Quid
03:48:31The Death Of Anna Karina - Vile Omicidio
03:47:54Creation Is Crucifixion - Ai Tech 3.0
03:43:15The Dali Thundering Concept - Demeter (Instrumental)
03:42:12Daughters - I Slept With Daughters And All I Got Was This Lousy Song Written About Me (Live)
03:40:42Statues - -
03:37:06The Number Twelve Looks Like You - Alright, I Admit it... It Was a Whore House
03:33:36Nineironspitfire - The Bid
03:29:09Tired Minds - Dead In the Living Room
03:24:46The Dillinger Escape Plan - Manufacturing Discontent
03:23:38Norma Jean - The Lash Whistled Like A Singing Sword
03:22:01Orphan Donor - 9988