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00:29:52Dark Tranquillity - Nightfall By The Shore Of TimeCurrent Song
00:24:41The Ragnarok Prophecy - Transcend The Land
00:18:27Nocturnal Winds - Spiritdance
00:15:36Deprive - Treason
00:12:10Beneath the Tides - No Penny for Pestilence
00:06:39Terader - Fear Sons
00:01:29Fear The Future - The Birth Of A Dragon
23:56:34Dilmun Gates - News Of The New World
23:51:44Amon Amarth - Burning Creation
23:45:54Shaded Enmity - When all Hope was Lost
23:42:50Disarmonia Mundi - Into D.M.
23:39:25The Wake - Mindless Wrecking Progress
23:33:08Children of Bodom - The Nail
23:30:07Die Apokalyptischen Reiter - Schenk Mir Heut Nacht
23:25:09Searing Meadow - Three Names For Denial
23:19:06Bloodstained Ground - A Noble Lady
23:14:26Inactive Messiah - Eat my flesh and drink my blood
23:10:36Amon Din - Abysmall Ignorance
23:06:52Operation Downfall - Better To Burn
23:02:05Undertaker - Sons Of Odin